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We work exclusively with Jim’s Formal Wear for our tuxedo rentals.  For over 50 years they have upheld a tradition of excellent quality and service and they carry a superb and diversified collection from many fine tuxedo designers. Click here to view the entire current collection and then come visit us for a fitting. We look forward to making you look as dashing as your bride is stunning on your special day.


F.A.Q.'s of Tuxedo Rentals

What are the differences between Traditional, Modern and Slim Fit tuxedos?


Any gentleman can wear any of the fits! All three styles work well with all body types. The only difference between the fits is the tuxedo’s silhouette.tuxedo-fits

What lapel styles are available with tuxedos?

The majority of tuxedos are designed using one of three main lapel styles: Notch, Peak and Shawl. Choosing the lapel style that is right for you is merely a matter of personal preference.

Lapel styles

Can I measure myself for a tuxedo rental?

It may seem really simple to measure yourself for a tuxedo, but it’s important to remember that it’s next to impossible to acquire accurate measurements! A measurement that is be off by only an inch may get you a tuxedo coat that’s one or two sizes too big or small.
We are been professionally trained in proper measuring techniques and will be able to acquire the necessary measurements to ensure your tuxedo will fit properly and you will look your best.

When will my tuxedo rental arrive in your store?

After we place your tuxedo order it is held in our computer system until approximately 7-10 days prior to your event. At that time, your order goes into production at the Jim’s Formal Wear service center nearest to us. We will have them deliver or ship your order to arrive a few days prior to your event. Generally, you can expect to receive your tuxedo on Wednesday or Thursday for a Saturday event.

My groomsmen live out of town. How do they get fitted?


Don’t worry! You can solve this problem by downloading the Out-of-Town Groomsmen Measurement Form. Use the form as a tool to collect the tux measurements for the gentlemen in your wedding who are too far from BridesnMaids to be measured. All the measurements needed for the tuxedo order are listed on the form.

How do I insert the cufflinks and studs?


Cufflinks and Studs are generally worn with most formal shirts and may also be referred to as “Formal Jewelry.” The studs and cufflinks are a key component to your tuxedo and we recommend they be worn with your tuxedo! Click here for step by step instructions.